United Kingdom solar industry trapped in March madness mayhem

United Kingdom solar industry trapped in March madness mayhem The particular UK’s solar industry is still caught in March craziness, with capacity installed on this single month typically accounting for over one-third of all brand-new solar capacity added throughout the year. No wonder April can be a quiet month for solar PV in great britan!

The annual cyclic tendencies help no-one really. Does anyone really take advantage of a once-a-year mad run? But the trend is in place, and is purely a direct result of annual renewable obligation (RO) banding changes and the fact solar farm deployment dominates UK solar currently.

Within its new research routines into sizing and forecasting great britain solar industry, the Solar Intelligence group at Solar Media has established monthly market size across all segments, geographies and funding mechanisms in the UK. Previously, this was only available throughout the MCS register for small-scale feed-in tariff-incentivised PV installs.

In 2013, when renewable obligation (RO) deployment attack its first spike with March 2013, one-third with the whole year’s new PV capacity (across all segments) occurred in this particular single month period. With 2014, this grew to 35% as 896MW has been installed that March. Fast forward on the mayhem of Q1 2015 in addition to March alone was the 1. 79GW month. No wonder certain critical component suppliers were referring to shipping more than 300MW of supply during March 2015.